Math Formula Solver


Math Formula Solver - iPhone math utility

Math Formulas Solver offers helpful combination of Trigonometry, Algebra, Exponents, Roots, Logarithms, Linear-Lines formulas, plus solves two variable equations and Quadratic equation

Trigonometry - most common formulas as 'Law of cosines', ;Low of sine',
Trigonometric identities, etc
Algebra – all common used equations as (a+b)(a-b) and many more
Exponents – all exponents' laws organized in a simple and readable manner.
Roots – show all root formulas in a clear and simple format, which will make math much easier.
Logarithms – Find easily how to multiply, divide, change logarithm base.
Linear Lines – Find out line slop, mid point, distance between two points.

Two Variable Equation Solver:
Solve easily two variable equations as:


Just type in the numbers, press Calculate and get immediately the result

Quadratic Equation Solver:
Solve quadratic equations as: 


Just type the coefficients, press the Calculate button and immediately find out the two possible values of X which falafels this equation rules.